: bod [包家巷] - Music For Self Esteem
Album / Release: Music For Self Esteem Release Type: Album Date of release: 30/04/20 Label: YEAR0001 Production, Mix & Master: Nicholas Zhu A&R: Emilio Fagone Art Director: Nicholas Zhu Photographer: Laura Ibanez
TRACKS: 1. Dedicated to Amen (reinvigoration of a sense of aesthetic belonging in a foreign concept) 2. Dedicated to Beerwizard (a memory of a different self is a reminder of repeatable mistakes) 3. Dedicated to Danse Noire (the briefest, weakest, most vulnerable moment is the most powerful) 4. Dedicated to Knives (self criticism feeding back into insecurely confident behavior endlessly) 5. Dedicated to Pastel Voids (blindly allowing the triggers to do their work) 6. Dedicated to Quantum Natives (a sudden freedom to explore) 7. Dedicated to YEAR0001 (coherence of the self) 8. Dedicated to Yegorka (absolution) 9. Dedicated to Zoom Lens (message to the western instrument, an enforcement of motherly ambition) 10. My Best Friend in Berlin 11. The Pursuit of Complexifying Unities 12. God Is the Summation of All Interpretable Structures 13. My Teeth Are Fucking Ugly 14. I Only Listen to Rap and Grouper 15. Deconstructed Pop Music 16. I Want so Badly to Be Famous 17. The World Has Chosen It's Leaders 18. Repost Do the Most and Sharing Is Caring 19. You Can't Tell Me Who I Am I Don't Even Know Who I Am 20. Shamefully Asking for Help 21. Giving Away My Secrets 22. Accelerationism Is Fucking Evil 23. If Warp Doesn't Sign Me I'm Quitting Music 24. Give Me the Benefit of the Doubt All My Actions Are Intentional Now 25. Music for Therapy and Analysis 26. I Don't Want This to Stop 27. If I Was White It'd Just Be Called Classical Music 28. Left Alone the Stars They Shine and Breaking Through She Blooms, The Sky 29. Please Listen to the Whole Album It'll Be Rewarding I Promise 30. My Hypergraphia Is Exploitable but I Refuse to Allow It to Be 31. Music for Self Esteem 32. Free Will Isn't Free 33. Every Song Sounds Different Trust Me 34. Unexpected Resurgence of Traumatic Childhood Memories 35. Periodical Acceptance of Chaos 36. LA Was Worth the Struggle but I Had to Leave 37. For Everyone Who Released Shorter or Secretive Works
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YEAR 0001