: Nadia Tehran - Dozakh: All Lovers Hell
Album / Release: Dozakh: All Lovers Hell Release Type: Album Date of release: 16/05/2019 Label: YEAR0001 A&R: Oskar Ekman Mixing: Lexxx Mastering: Robin Schmidt, 24-96 Mastering Executive Producer: Nadia Tehran Producer: DJ Haydn Producer: Patrik Alvarsson Creative Director: Nadia Tehran Photography: Joakim Eklöf Art Director: Victor Svedberg Typography: David Garcia Presno
TRACKS: 1. Dozakh 2. Down 3. Something New 4. Alcoholic Waves 5. Sail On 6. Come & Go 7. High 8. Jet 9. Tell Nobody 10. AFA Poem 11. Nazi Killer 12. What About Me 13. Oops 14. Dreamers 15. In Tune With The Moon
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YEAR 0001